Tourist Association of Namegata City
Namegata is the closest town to the Ibaraki Airport-only ten minutes away.
It is within 70 kilometers of the capital in Tokyo. It is less than an hour by car to either the JR Tsuchiura Station or the Tsukuba Express Tsukuba Station.
It faces Japanfs second largest lake, Lake Kasumigaura. And you can see views of Japanfs highest mountain, Mt. Fuji, and beautiful Mt. Tsukuba.
On this lake, a traditional fishing technique called eHobiki-senf (eboat with sails billowingf) is still in use. It has been preserved to be shown to tourists.
The area has thrived from ancient times, with archeological findings of a crown with a horse-shaped decoration, that harks to Chinese civilization, found in the Sanmai-zuka Kofun (burial mound) and a stone sepulcher with a horizontal opening found in the Dainichi Kofun, etc.
In an ancient geography booklet called gHitachi no Kuni Fudokih (The Culture and Environment of the Hitachi Area), it is recorded that the area was rich in agricultural and marine produce. It is the same today.
There is an abundance of tasty foods and souvenir products made from farm and marine produce. Please try eNamegata-donf (rice with special topping) and eNamegata Carp Burgerf-a specialty burger.
The scenery is beautiful. You can enjoy typical scenes of Japan while cycling. And you can enjoy a stroll into the past-in and around the temples, shrines and old castles that were here in the days of the samurai warriors.
It is a convenient city, with restaurants and cafeterias where you can relax and eat after a day in Tokyo, Tsukuba Science City or Tokyo Disneyland in Urayasu.
Electronic products and Japanese souvenirs may be purchased at the electronics store or at the shopping center.
Buses and taxis that are indispensable for tours and sightseeing may be reserved and there are extremely cheap business hotels (the closest to the Ibaraki Airport), as well as hotels and inns with accommodations for small and large groups.
There are hot springs where one can soak while taking in the view of Lake Kasumigaura or Mt. Fuji. And there are many leisure facilities for the family to enjoy-like Kasumigaura Fureai Land.

Namegata City is boxed in by two lakes. On its west is the second largest lake in Japan-Lake Kasumigaura. And on its east is Lake Kitaura. With its plateau, that makes it a town of water and lush greenery. You can see Mt. Tsukuba and Mt. Fuji across Lake Kasumigaura. Our town is situated so as to afford beautiful views of the surrounding nature, especially the contrast of Lake Kasumigaura with the splendid sunset. From ancient times, it appeared in gHitachi no Kuni Fudokih (The Culture and Environment of the Hitachi Area) and there are many historical sites and cultural treasures in the city. It is a town with the attractive fragrance of history and culture.

Lake Kasumigaura
Lake Kasumigaura
Throughout the four seasons at Lake Kasumigaura, water and nature weave a beautiful tapestry for the eye. But what is specifically unique about Lake Kasumigaura can be seen at sunset or at sunrise, with the white sail of the eHobiki-senh floating in the setting sun against the backdrop either of Mt. Tsukuba or Mt. Fuji. The city of Namegata gives rides in the eHobiki-senh for tourists, from the end of July through the first part of December, keeping this cultural tradition alive. There are two wharfs-one in the Aso District (next to the White Sail Hot Springs) and the other in the Tamatsukuri District (next to Kasumigaura Fureai Island). At each location, there are different boats, allowing tourists an opportunity to enjoy the difference.

Kasumigaura Fureai Island
Kasumigaura Fureari Island
At the foot of the Kasumigaura Bridge is a park. There you can find various ways to acquaint yourself with water, such as the Water Science Museum, the Rainbow Tower and the Shinsui Park.The Water Science Museum is a place to experience firsthand the wonder of water by using apparatus to do experiments or by playing computer games.The Rainbow Tower is about 60 meters tall, with an observation deck from which you can look down on Lake Kasumigaura.Shinsui Park is where you can play in the water as you like.Also, next to Kasumigaura Fureari Island is the regional product shop, called gKoi-koih (Come On!). There you can buy locally-grown vegetables or try the extremely popular eName-pakkunf burger.

Sairenji Temple--the Home of Inoue Mountain (Golden-rayed) Lilies
the Home of Inoue Mountain (Golden-rayed) Lilies
The Home of Inoue Mountain Lilies has around 20,000 plants in bloom on its 20,000 square meters, making it the largest mountain lily habitat in the Kanto Plain. The mountain has been maintained and developed to provide the proper environment for mountain lilies to grow naturally. The age-old contrast of the rural setting and the mountain lily is scenery that calms the soul. Ancient Sairenji Temple was built in 782 and its Nio (Deva) Gate and Spire are nationally-designated cultural treasures. You can feel the nostalgic atmosphere with the five senses, as you take in the historic building and the fragrance of mountain lilies. Mountain lilies are in bloom in the middle of July.

Tennozaki Park
Tennozaki Park
Tennozaki Park protrudes out into Lake Kasumigaura and was chosen as one of the hundred most scenic sites in Ibaraki Prefecture. From this point, you can get a beautiful view of the lakeshore. The view in the early evening of Mt. Tsukuba and Lake Kasumigaura is especially wonderful and has been used as the site of many movies. In the park, you can enjoy playing ground golf. And at the lakeshore area, you can take part in sail boating, jet skiing and other water sports, for which this is a popular spot. From summer to fall, you can rent bicycles (road bikes, town bikes, kidfs bikes, etc.) at the Tennozaki Cycle Station near Tennozaki Park. It is refreshing to go cycling along the shore of Lake Kasumigaura.

Lake Kitaura Fureai Center
Lake Kitaura Fureai Center
This is a multi-use facility that uses the natural contours of the hilly land. There is a gymnasium built with wood native to the prefecture, a multi-purpose playground, tennis courts and a croquet court. In the spring, cherry blossoms bloom all over the center. You can see Lake Kitaura stretching out before you. Near the Fureai Center is a eWind and Greenery Windmill Plazaf, with a bright red windmill as its symbol. The water from the river flowing into Lake Kitaura powers the windmill. This is pumped into an area for growing reeds and Indian rice. At night, the windmill is lit up by a solar-powered battery.

The Namegata Plateau and Lake Kasumigaura provide an abundance of natural produce. eNamegata Beautiful Porkf, catfish or the eNamegata Burgerf made from carp all give a real taste of Namegata.

Sweet potato
Japanese Mustard Greens
Tsukudani (fish boiled in sweet soy sauce)

1) Japanese Mustard Greens@2) Watercress@3) Sweet potato@4) Namegata Burger
5) Tsukudani (fish boiled in sweet soy sauce)
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